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To get started with building your custom panel please fill out the form below that best suits your needs.  If additional information is needed, please call 615.220.7184, or e-mail!



Adenus® custom control panels are specifically designed with maintenance personnel and environmental protection in mind and are made to your exact specifications.  Our custom control panels are made in our UL-listed HAWK panel shop that is the gold standard for system controls. We are able to meet any of your needs from the hardware inside the panel to the programming that makes the hardware work the way you want it to. Our custom control panels utilize advanced software to maximize energy savings while ensuring proper treatment and discharge rates, enhancing the value of your maintenance schedule. HAWKMS integration allows for maximum product support while troubleshooting operational and treatment issues from any location. Our custom control panels are capable of handling up to 14 recirc zones, 25 drip zones, and 4 discharge pumps. Whatever your needs may be, we have a solution. 

 Key Features:
  • User friendly Touch Screen LCD
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Remote Telemetry ready
  • Email/SMS Alerts
  • Operate with any smart phone
  • HAWKMS ready
  • Intricate data logging
  • Non proprietary Components NO Printed Circuit Boards
  • NO Printed Circuit Boards
  • UL Type 4 rated
  • Isolation relays for lightning protection
  • Climate Controlled
  • Manual Operation via maintained switches


For more information about HAWK panels please visit:

HAWK Control Panels


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