My initial contact with Adenus begin in 2002 and I have been specifying their products and services with great success since then. I have always recognized their people as highly professional and motivated in addressing project requirements. Over the years, I have found that no project is too small or too large for their involvement. Their years of growth both in range of products and technical expertise have been great. Whenever I first look at a project and its criteria, I know that part of the solution of the project issues will involve Adenus people and products.
Bob R Guthrie
President, Guthrie & Associates
Always receive courteous and prompt attention when picking up stations at the Adenus warehouse. The warehouse is always clean and well organized. The guys working back there are always helpful and we usually call ahead of time to let them know what we are coming to pick up and they will have it pulled and ready to go for us. We appreciate the communication with the office that we receive while requesting inspections and getting inspection results. Adenus inspectors in the field are very good at communicating as well and that is also greatly appreciated. I believe that working together, G&M Plumbing Co, LLC and Adenus Technologies personnel have been able to develop and maintain a very positive and respectful working relationship that benefits both companies ability to work together as a team.
Scott Green
Owner, G&M Plumbing Co, LLC
My business relationship with Adenus began in 1997. For the past 26 years, I’ve dedicated my engineering and surveying knowledge of STEP system designs to Adenus’ initial steps and forethought for the decentralized treatment systems commonly known as STEP systems, which have allowed great growth opportunity for residential, commercial, and industrial wastewater treatment applications. We have designed and coordinated numerous treatment applications with Adenus to meet the everyday challenges placed on builders and developers from TDEC etc. With the trust that Adenus has in our relationship, I’ve found that projects assigned to me offer great success for the communities and business. Adenus has always been the go-to company for wastewater treatment options / alternatives that allow development in areas not served by traditional gravity sewers.
Jamie Reed P.E., R.L.S.
CEO / President, SEC. Inc.
Over the past three years AquaPoint LLC and Adenus/Hawk Industries have built a strong beneficial multi-faceted relationship. AquaPoint utilizes control systems manufactured by Adenus/Hawk Industries on projects across Tennessee with plans to extend that option in other states. The control panels are manufactured to the highest standards and fully supported after the sale by Adenus technicians. The technical support from Adenus/Hawk Industries is always highly responsive and focused on problem solving. This fits in perfectly with AquaPoint’s product support approach. Additionally, AquaPoint has manufactured multiple wastewater treatment systems for Adenus, with several more systems currently in production. AquaPoint’s interactions with the entire Adenus team, from the installation team to the sales staff, are always completed with the utmost professionalism & support. The relationship between Adenus and AquaPoint is mutually beneficial and a major factor in AquaPoint’s growth in the Tennessee wastewater market. We look forward to expanding the AquaPoint product line over the next several years through our partnership with Adenus and Hawk Industries.
William Fenner, P.E.
Adenus has been very helpful in providing the pieces to the filters that we can’t really keep in stock. To be able to run to their warehouse and get what we need to keep moving has been invaluable.
Eddie Price
Hawkins and Price Excavating
Superior systems for decentralized wastewater
Jarrett Concrete
EcoStruct has been purchasing decentralized products from Adenus for 14 years. Service has always been excellent. We have also been working with the Adenus Panel Dept (HAWKMS) for years. There intellectual and industry knowledge is second to none.
Glenn Marcum
President, EcoStruct Group LLC