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About Us

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Who are we?

For over 20 years Adenus® Technologies has provided designs, products, and installation support for onsite and decentralized wastewater systems across the Middle Tennessee area.  We use our close relationships with installers, our experience, and our passion for the decentralized wastewater sector to constantly create and innovate onsite wastewater products.  Adenus® Technologies provides products for collection systems, in-tank pumping and filtration systems, and advanced secondary treatment systems. We also manufacture state of the art custom and standard control panels in our second to none UL-listed HAWK panel shop.  Our HAWK Monitoring System provides unmatched data analytics and interactive site management for your wastewater treatment plant. 

Adenus Family

Adenus® Technologies is just one member of a three-member family.  When you work with Adenus® Technologies you get the entire Adenus® family. Through the combination of all three family members, we can provide whatever needs you may have from the design, to the installation, to the products, to the support of the system. From the beginning stages to the end stages, and everything in between, we can provide whatever you may need.