S2400C Sanitron Ultraviolet Water Purifier

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The SANITRON® series of models is of exceptional value. These water purifiers were designed to conform to U.S. Public Health Guidelines “Criteria for the Acceptability of an Ultraviolet Unit.” Each model is well-featured and can utilize a number of different optional accessories, such as an Ultraviolet Monitor or similar device for a more in-depth knowledge of the water purifier’s operation. Applications include process facilities, home water wells, restaurants, schools, mobile homes, swimming pools, fish ponds, hospitals, laboratories, resorts, hotels, medical facilities, etc. Model S2400C is available with alternate inlet/outlet fittings. 

Key Features
  • 316 Stainless Steel chamber, electropolished and passivated
  • Removable flared head for easy disassembly
  • Exclusive EASY-OFF™ End Cap for effortless lamp change
  • Drain Plug for in place draining
  • Sight Port for viewing germicidal lamp operation
  • Patented dual action wiper mechanism
  • Model S2400C available with alternate inlet/outlet fittings
General Information
  • 3 to 40 gallons per minute




S2400C Manual

Water Purification Brochure

Water Purifier Comparison Chart

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