24″ Polycarbonate Riser Cover

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The access to your septic tank, pump vault or holding tank should be easy, accessible and safe. The STF-APC24 series of covers offers a great solution for almost all systems. The STF-APC24 polycarbonate/ABS covers are the safest, strongest plastic covers to ever hit the market, with a wheel load rating of 8,000 lbs (Actual testing went to 20,000 lbs without failure). Polycarbonate/ABS is used for its high strength and weather durability, and like no other cover we use a 2 component urethane finish for extended UV protection. This versatile cover is diamond plated and flat for easy foot traffic and lawn maintenance. It has 4 holes and 4 drillable dimples in two different hole patterns for universal fastening and the ability to fit multiple 24” diameter risers.  Safety information is printed on each cover.  A soft gasket provides a good seal on various surfaces and our positive drop-in feature assures proper cover and gasket placement and makes alignment and installation easy. The overlapping design keeps debris away from the access hole unlike recessed covers.  The riser can also be brought to the surface without the cover extending above grade like concrete risers and covers. Because of its rib-less design it is easily insulated with Styrofoam for cold climates.

Key Information:
  • 8,000 pound wheel load, 2-1/2 times safety factor (actually tested to 20,000 lbs)
  • Easily insulated for cold climates
  • Soft durable gasket that is factory installed
  • Self centering drop in feature
  • Retains strength in cold and hot climates
  • Can be installed at grade to allow lawn mowers to clear
  • Non-slip Surface
  • Hardened urethane finish for ultimate UV protection and appearance
  • Safety information printed on surface
General Information:
  • 1/8” crown for drainage
  • Fits most 24” risers and pipe

*Screws included*




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