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HAWK Monitoring

HAWK® (division of Adenus® Technologies, LLC) is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive SCADA monitoring system and control panel manufacturer located in Smyrna, Tennessee.

HAWKMS® offers the ability to remotely monitor and control your site, diagnose and resolve alarm conditions, and analyze past performance to identify future trends. HAWK Monitoring was designed with the user in mind, and we are constantly coming up with innovations to our system to enhance your user experience.

Hawk Panels manufactures both standard and advanced PLC driven custom control panels for a variety of wastewater applications. With our extensive supplier network we are able to provide a wide variety of high quality components that best suits the needs of your control panel. All of our control panels are manufactured in our 508A UL-listed HAWK® Panel Shop.

Top Tier Telemetry

All HAWK Panels running HAWKOS® software allow for full featured remote plant control. With around the clock monitoring and polling frequencys as often as every five minutes, we bring the plant to you making sure you will always be the first to know. No matter where you are, take full control of your plant. Its like and HMI that fits in the palm of your hand!

Save Time and Money with ...

Industry Leading Support

Our team of panel experts are always here to help, and provide complete training. We provide support for our all of our panels, along with all of our product lines. Our support does not stop after installation, but last for the lifetime of the panel.

Our HAWK Wingmen are prepared to give complete training to all of our HAWK customers. Covering both HAWKMS and HAWK Panels. HAWKMS subscribers can expect complete, comprehensive training on all charts and logs to help take the performance of your plant to the next level.

HAWK Monitoring System

Why hawk?

At HAWK Panels, we pride ourselves on designing and building high quality control panels that are delivered on time and under budget. In 2006, we realized the benefits that advanced PLC-driven control panels could bring to the wastewater industry. Thus, HAWK Panels was formed. Founded on the principles of providing affordable and dependable control panels and product support, we began to fabricate and program control panels for sewer systems. After 17 years of building upon our expertise for the industry, HAWK Panels now produces
control panels for a variety of applications. We still proudly uphold the principles we were founded on as we continue to strive at improving and bringing unrivaled products and unwavering support to our customers.

All HAWK® control panels are quality tested, certified, and UL-listed.