HAWKMS Premium Plan

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HAWK was designed with the user in mind providing the ability to remotely monitor and control your site, diagnose and resolve alarm conditions, and analyze past performance to identify future trends. HAWKMS provides 24/7 Surveillance that gives you around the clock monitoring so that you are always the first to know the status of your plant. Remote Control providing you with full remote control of your plant, making your HMI fit in your pocket.  With Premium you get Genius Insights.  Providing keen insights into current plant performance against historical benchmarks. HAWKMS is Always Watching® and we are always coming up with innovations to our system to improve your user experience. 

Premium Plan Features:
  • 24/7 Alerts
  • Genius Insights 
  • Alarm Case Management 
  • Portal Based Reporting
  • Advanced Log Analysis 
  • Secure Remote Panel Control
  • Virtual Custom HMI
  • Priority Ticketed Support

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